1 week later and still can not use my phone

  • 21 December 2023
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It has been almost a week since my phone was supposed to be ported over from spectrum to T-Mobile and T-Mobile was supposed to pay and switch from my old account to port my number over. At this point, I am still without a phone, I work off of my phone, which is causing complete inconvenience, and I am unable to make any phone calls or receive any phone calls. If at all possible, could someone please check my account and see Why my application is still in pending status and has not been updated or current, so I can have a working phone to use. I can be reached at any time on the second line that is on my plan. Unfortunately, the line 9193445419 is unavailable and cannot be used. I would like to speak to someone immediately if possible. Thank you


Jamiya Jacobs

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you pay the fees...TMO sends you a card with money on it to compensate for you paying off the former carrier. and you’ll need to contact TMO to see what the status is...the site is primarily peer to peer assistance..no one has account access.