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  • 18 January 2024
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Why T-mobile locked my phone when I purchased my own phone from Samsung Unlcoked

Having so much difficulty with T-mobile, trying to unlock my own phone


2 replies

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Restart your phone. If It says T-Mobile on the boot screen then you didn't get an unlocked version from Samsung. It should say Samsung on the boot screen. 


Samsung unlocked from Samsung are all by default unlocked. I personally only buy unlocked phones outright.  If you got the T-Mobile version you need to send your receipt that you got from Samsung and send it to T-Mobile tier 2 support and they can verify it with Samsung and then they'll put it into their system to unlock. Samsung(OEMs really) don't give carriers the IMEI of devices locked to carriers for them to out  into the database and that causes a disconnect in the unlocking process. 

If buy a used T-mobile phone from a 3rd party like Ebay or Amazon, you won’t be able to unlock it through T-Mobile , if T-mobile has erased/removed the imei from its records !