How can I unlock IMEI

  • 10 March 2023
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How can I unlock IMEI. I am in Brazil with locked by T-Mobile. 



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You need to be a customer of Tmobile USA and meet all the requirements in the link below.


that's the problem, i'm from brazil, i bought this iphone like new, from a reseller at the bazaar on facebook, it doesn't have t mobile id much less a tmobile operator chip to make the account, i have invoice, box, icloud with applecare+ in my name

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Unfortunately the original plan owner from Tmobile USA is the only one who can request the unlock code and with it being an iPhone it is harder to unlock per Apple requirements.

The problem is you bought it from a reseller and it's a Tmobile phone and the reseller most likely isn't a Tmobile reseller.

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According to that screenshot, the issue is not that the device is locked to a carrier. The issue is that the device was reported stolen to a cellphone carrier (Not necessarily T-Mobile). You will need to contact the person that sold this device to you. If they are the original owner, they may be able to get that block removed the same way they placed the block in the first place. Your best bet would be to return the device to them and get your money back.