Misleading Sales Reps

  • 30 January 2023
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I wanted to try T-Mobile.  I briefly saw an ad that said you could try T-Mobile for 30 days without commitment.  I called sales to ask about this.  They said yes, they would send me a SIM card which would allow me to test the service.  To do this, I would need to provide all my information so that at the end of the trial period, I would automatically become a customer unless I canceled (pretty common practice).  I was told that the 30 day trial period would not start until I installed the SIM card that they were sending me.  I asked about 55+ plans and settled on the mid range $70/month plan for two lines. And finally, I asked about phones and was told that if I became a customer, T-Mobile would off me an i-Phone 14 “on us”.  No mention of a trade in was made.  This all occurred on Dec 26, 2022.

It took me until January 10, 2023 to get ATT to unlock my phone (another story).  So I installed the SIM card on January 10.  To my surprise, I immediately received a text from T-Mobile stating that my bill was due next week.  What?   So I called customer service and found out:

  1. There is no trial program where T-Mobile sends you a SIM card to use for 30 days to determine if you wish to become a customer.  Contrary to what I had been promised, I became a customer on Dec 26 when the Sales Rep took my information for “future” use.
  2. I had been signed up for the most expensive plan ($90/month) not the $70 plan we had agreed to.
  3. There was no “iPhone 14 on us” phone upgrade for customers who moved their service from a competitor.

I immediately canceled the service which I had now been using for about 6 hours, all of which was spent on the phone with T-Mobile trying to receive what I had been promised.  And even though the T-Mobile Terms say that I have 20 days to cancel (which I did cancel within 20 days), they have now charged me the first months’ fee.

I have disputed the charge through my credit card company and have filed a complaint with the FCC on January 16th.  I have not heard from T-Mobile since.

2 replies

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Have you tried contacting Tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook? They are a higher tier of support.

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Once you agree to receive a sim from them and create a account you become a customer, and billing starts on that date, not the date you receive the sim I’m sorry to say. Sucks but that how it is. Reps. get paid to bring in New customers so they are not always perfectly Honest with you, just the nature of sales. After you signed up did you receive a email stating what you agreed to and did you read it. If you received one and did not read it to see what was included there in lies part of your problem. If you did read it and still accepted the terms by continuing to use the service you have effectively agreed to the terms of that contract albeit not what you thought you were agreeing to. If there is no mention of a Phone offer there, then you agreed to that as well not matter what the Rep. said to you on the phone, or in store. What is in the written contract is what you agree to. Always and I Repeat Always Read and Understand what you are Signing up for and Receiving in the future Before you Sign any Paperwork or Contract. And if you are not sure of anything in it Make Them Explain it to You so you are. Sorry you are going through this. 

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