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  • 16 December 2022
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Please read customer! I will start from the beginning!

I bought a iPhone 12 from T-Mobile did an installments plan.. 2 months into owning the phone the there was networking issues. So I went to apple and they replaced the whole phone…. 
So I paid off the phone… I went to try to sell the phone the buyer realized there was a sim lock… so I called T-Mobile in front of him. T-Mobile basically told me that since I bought the phone through someone else they couldn’t unlock it.. that’s when my problem started.. i never step foot in anyones else careers store.. basically due to me replacing the phone through apple because T-Mobile was gonna charge me for a faulty phone that I got 2 months ago.. that’s crazy right? Yeah… so when I replaced the phone through apple I still had T-Mobile. What ended up happening that apple locked the sim to T-Mobile due to it still being locked throug T-Mobile because I didn’t pay off the phone which is understandable.. back to me paying off the phone and selling it.. apple won’t remove the sim lock nor will T-Mobile… T-Mobile lied to me told me that I purchased the phone through someone else so they couldn’t unlock the iphone 3 days later fighting to get my phone unlocked they find out the since its a replacement phone through apple that’s why they couldn’t unlock the phone or saying it was purchased someone where.. due to that I still have a sim locked phone. They aren’t willing to give me compensation for the 4 days I fought to get my phone unlocked.. they still can’t take the sim locked phone off. I have a fully paid off phone that I paid for with my hard earned money that I didn’t have in the beginning to pay off left me with the phone told me there’s just nothing they can do to unlock the phone… I have a daughter I was going to use the money to buy her gifts….. all I can afford  is a 67$ tablet for her…. This hurts me so much because as a customer they lied to me and left me with a sim locked phone that I just can’t sell… all because I went to apple to replace a phone… you know T-Mobile I looked forward to selling the phone… to give my daughter a Christmas.. I just want to say thank you for ruining my 2 year old daughter Christmas. Yes I’m out of work that’s why I was looking forward to selling the phone… this just hurts so much…because I replaced the phone through Apple neither one of you can unlock sim on the phone.. 

2 replies

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When you contact Tmobile support try using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support and have dealt with this issue before.

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If Apple provided the replacement phone and that phone is locked to Tmobile, then Apple created the lock and they should have added the IMEI number of your replacement phone to Tmobile’s device database. Since Tmobile has no record of the IMEI in their database the Apple failed to add it. I would try the following steps:

  1. Contact Apple and tell them you need the IMEI of the replacement phone to be added to TMobile’s device database. Only Apple can do this. Get an email from Apple to confirm Apple has done this with a copy of the IMEI # in the email.
  2. Contact TMO support and tell them that Apple has added the IMEI to their device database and you have an email from Apple that confirms this. Hopefully, Tmobile can find you IMEI number and then unlock it. Remind them that you have fulfilled your financing per FCC and they must unlock: