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  • 22 November 2022
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I have been getting a pop up box that says Tmobile temporary unlock expired.  A response box of ok is available for a response, but most often the box does not respond to my clicking okay.  I will then have to lock and unlock my screen or restart the phone to get the box to go away.  It may come back within minutes or several hours from that point.  I googled reasons for the box, but note I never traveled outside my home area, nor requested a temp. Unlock for any reason.  When I couldn't solve this after several weeks I spent time on phone with TMobile support.  The person helping me could not solve it after trying all of his strategies.  Then I went to a TMobile store and they also did not know, but did put a new SIM card in to see if that worked.  It did not.

This started when I got a new Revvl 5 phone which has so many other problems I can't  imagine this isn't one as well.  This phone delays text messages, often prevents callers from hearing each other and must be restarted.  It's latest trick is when I hit enter to send a text it just delete it.  


9 replies

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Have you tried clearing the system cache?

Same thing here same phone started with the latest update. T-Mobile tech couldn't solve. They are shipping a replacement phone but I don't think It's the issue

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Might be the result of a malicious app.  Have either of you installed anything recently before this started happening?

Yes. The update patch.  Pretty sure it's responsible as it never happened before that.




Phone now gets the pop up 4 or 5 times a day and loses service for hours. Wifi is fine. All network settings gray out during the outage.

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Does it tell you what app it is and can it be disabled through Settings, App Management?

It's not an app.  The cell service shuts off

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It's not an app.  The cell service shuts off

Almost everything on phones today are apps.  Whether it's a system app or regular app, it's still an app.  If you don't think it's an app, then a factory reset is probably your best option.  

It was the best option and was already done. Down to bare bones with only system updates. Same issue. Tech support couldn’t fix either and is sending a new phone.  To think we didn’t try this!?!?!?

I have same issue on Revvl +5G for past few weeks with Temporary Unlock notice and takes multiple presses on OK to close.  What I think is related to the network connection dropping is 2 apps that are preinstalled on the phone (MCM Client and Carrier Hub) which I cannot disable or uninstall.  Every few minutes the phone does a “Synching SIM Contacts” and “MCM Client requests processing” action.  I see notification that these are running and during that time the phone disconnects from the cellular network.  During that time I cannot send/receive calls or texts.  TMobile sent replacement phone and new SIM but no change.  I also did factory reset (without restore from backup) and same problem.  Something is definitely wrong with this model configuration and/or latest update.  TMobile sending one more replacement phone though I doubt it will solve the issue.  After that, I am going to request that they provide me with a different replacement model to hopefully resolve this issue.