• 3 April 2024
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I redeemed the MLB.TV deal through T-Mobile Tuesdays.  I even received the message stating “You’re all set.  Your purchase was successful” however MLB.TV is no longer allowing me to watch live games and says I need to purchase a package. 

5 replies

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Try changing your password. It worked for me. Every year I always need to change it.


I tried that and still no luck.  

having the same issue. redeemed my free subscription, worked for me all though opening weekend, but starting on Wed afternoon (4/3), when I tried to watch Yanks/Dbacks, the app prompted me to subscribe as if I didn't have a subscription and I haven't been able to watch any games since


T Mobile said to contact support, so i'm currently in an email back and forth with them

Hi Did any of you get a resolution on this? I ask because I am in the same boat. I have used this promotion the last few years so was a little disappointed that it hasn’t been working.  I logged into and there it says I have no subscription.

identical to my situation and nothing encouraging to report. i mentioned canceling in a chat last Tuesday with an agent unless T Mobile could provide me with a new promo code, which triggered an immediate phone call from an agent...said she would send my issue up the ladder and call me back in 24hrs with a status report, which she did on Wednesday morning, yet she had no answers, said she would call in 48hrs on Saturday morning (her inability to count, not mine) and now it's been "crickets, crickets" since Wednesday morning


this really bothers me