Starz T-Mobile Tuesday fake trial???

  • 19 August 2023
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Has anyone else noticed that the Starz T-Mobile Tuesday 4-month trial for $1.99/month isn’t working out that way? The trial was supposed to be “$1.99 a month for 4 months, starting Jun 26, 2023,” but Apple sent a “subscription renewal” email message stating, “Starting Aug 26, 2023, your subscription automatically renews for $8.99/month.” in the very same email message is this: “$1.99 a month for 4 months, starting Jul 26, 2023” When I asked Starz about the error, they pointed me to Apple and Apple support (so far) refuses to acknowledge the contradictions in the renewal email message! 

So…does T-Mobile have any responsibility here? After all, the original trial confirmation and renewal emails both contain “STARZ® Monthly (T-Mobile)” 

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For anyone that may be interested, the Better Business Bureau has an ACTIVE alert about Starz that has been in place more than two years! View the litany of similar complaints about billing here:  For the TLDR, the common element in the complaints is a company that has significant problems with their consumer billing system for which (my opinion) the company refuses to be accountable until customers complain through a public forum like the BBB. 

I also found similar complaints about the T-Mobile Tuesday promo in Reddit.

Just to further illustrate the absurdity of Starz’s billing errors, see the two images below. The first image matches the T-Mobile Tuesday promo, the second image contradicts the promo in start date and renewal amount.