T-Mobile & T-Mobile Tuesdays apps won't work with iPhone OS 15.8

  • 8 March 2024
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When I try to use my T-Mobile & T-Mobile Tuesdays apps I get a message “Time for a system update.” The updates require OS 16 or higher and my iPhone 7 has OS 15.8.  As a result cannot use either app.  It will not let me use the the previous app versions so I am locked out out of both.

Any way this problem can be solved?

5 replies

Not sure why T--Mobile did this … can't use the account app either.  Thanks T-Mobile!  🤬

Has there been any solutions for this problem beside getting a new phone?


I haven’t heard of one.  I have not seen a rationale for requiring iOS 16 either.  None of my other apps have that requirement.

I am surprised T Mobile doesn’t monitor these posts and respond. Is there an EASY way to send them a message. I couldn’t find any under tech support.

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There is a work around for this issue. I know because Air France, the airline, had the same problem with upgrading their app but fixed the issue for older iPhones that cannot upgrade to iOS version 16.0. After many complaints, Air France fixed the problem. However, Air France does not make money selling new iPhones to customers like Apple and T-Mobile. So I doubt they will provide a fix.