What is up with T-Mo Tuesdays in the new T-Life app?

  • 28 February 2024
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I don’t always look at the Tuesday deals, but did today. First time since the new “T-Life” app rolled out. Lo, and behold, I’m not eligible…? According to T-Mobile’s web site TMHI accounts are. Does this actually require a call to their “help” line to fix?



7 replies

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I know many older phones don't support the T-Life app and requires a upgraded phone.

This is the first post about TMHI that I saw that doesn't support the app.


To be clear, my phone (which is not T-Mo) is smart enough to run the app. My T-Mo account is TMHI and that is all. I used to be able to get the Tuesday perks (same TMHI, same phone) but not under the new T-Life app. 

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Maybe @HeavenM  can shed some light on this.

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TMHI lines are still eligible for the T-Mobile Tuesdays benefits in the T-Life app. 

It would be helpful to know a little bit more about the experience you are getting. Does it let you log in? When you select something, do you get an error message? What exact error or ineligibility message are you getting?

I appreciate you sharing a little more about this so I can help make heads or tails of it for you. 


Well, as is often the case, when I went back to get the exact error message it worked! Any-hoo, at least I’ll be able to get the MLB perk when it comes available at the end of March!

@HeavenM same issue, and mine tells me now my phone number isn't eligible, yet I had no issues before the upgrade. I even called MetroPCS and still no luck resolving the issue, the rep didn't understand why I couldn't gain access... He said he would send my issue to a different department to see if they could resolve it and I never heard back from anyone. 

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My Galaxy S7 Edge OS 8.0 no longer works for the Tuesday Deals.  I get a message

I need OS 9.0.   This is a bit over kill for this App.  All my other apps work just fine

and some are far more complicated than the T-Life app telling me about a free pizza or

buying tickets at a cheap price.   OS 6.0 could work if the app was designed right.

Very disappointed they ended the ability for me to take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesday.

They should make the Tuesdays deals available on a website to fix their incompatibility

with some phones.