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5G Gateway Great when it works, mostly not!

it disconnects throughout the day and takes hours before it connects to the network again. 

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you didn’t mention which gateway you have. Have you used the T-Mobile Home Internet app on a phone to help set up your gateway? You need to locate the direction of the signal using the app and place the gateway facing the broadcast tower with the strong signal. Varying positions of the gateway affect the signal, i.e. slight left, right, raised up or lowered down. You need to adjust the position while using the APP by watching the Advanced cellular metrics.

Some people have luck and don’t need to do any of this but if your signal is not strong you need to go through those procedures.

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I'd also talk to T-Mobile Support. They have the ability to make tweaks to the tower to resolve this type of problem. There are a few people who have reported success with this, although I know the norm is to disparage the tech support crew at T-Mobile.