5G Service and modem are abysmal qiality.

  • 16 January 2024
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I’m reaching the end of my patience with T-Mobile. The quality of the system is ridiculous. The Nokia gateway software is feeble.

For example, there’s no logging option to record failures, there’s no way to understand if a loss of service is something to do with WiFi or the 5G side of things, the only metric of any use is “Running Time” which is meaningless - does this mean the time that the device/firmware has been running or the time that the 5G connection has been running? They don’t tell you.

So I lose connection regularly, like every ten minutes and each time the Running Time gets reset but again I have no idea if that means its losing the 5G connection every ten minutes or if the device is crashing and rebooting every ten minutes - they SHOULD let us distinguish these events.

Then we have the firmware updates, they do not publish a release date for these so its hard to try and associate degraded performance against the update release date and they don’t even record the install date for the firmware so I have no idea when the code was released or when the device updated itself to a newer firmware.

If they designed the firmware and UI better it would help us and them, they would know why we get outages, they could look at the device log and see if it correlated with their engineering work and so on.

Also the Running Time is a joke, if I shut off the device, the web page continues to update the running time! it is just a local counter in the browser, rather than a metric from the device itself.

I can lose the connection several times during the day but by looking at the browser page (if it is just left up) one has no idea, the Running Time appears to be many many hours giving no indication of the true uptime since the last device restart!

Frankly (and I’m a very experienced software developer) their firmware (at least the UI and metrics aspects) is not fit for purpose.

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