Arcadyan kvd21 no longer connects to 5g signal

  • 8 August 2023
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I’m no longer able to lock on to B66, N41 which had great speeds (300down, 130 up).  The Arcadyan is now locking onto B71 which gets 60down, 5up.  I think I’m still connecting to the same tower (i think the CGI is the same). Anyway is there a way to make the gateway connect to the 5g signals again? It is in the optimal spot, upstairs bedroom in the window facing the tower, still showing “excellent” signal, however the advanced cellular metrics are nowhere near as good as they were with B66, N41/N71.  the only new thing I noticed is that the firmware is no 1.00.20, not sure when it updated.

just wondering if anyone has suggestions to try. I’ve only tried restarting the gateway hoping it’ll see the 5g again.  My cellphone using Tmo’s tower gets 682down 92up. 


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@rhsortho, my Arcadyan occasionally (maybe every few weeks) locks onto a different tower and looses 5G. What I’ve done is move the gateway, sometimes just a few inches, and rotate it a bit.  After a reboot it’s back connecting to the usual tower with LTE and 5G.  The only change I notice when connected to the usual tower is that sometimes it’s locked to N71 and the other times to N41, but 5G is always there.

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@rhsortho I think @henry51 is on to something. While you may have the gateway in the optimal place, it may not be “pointing” its antennas at the 5G tower. If you have not already done so, use your T-Mobile Internet app to see your gateway signal metrics and rotate the gateway for the best metrics.

T-Mobile Internet app - tap MORE at the bottom of the screen > tap Advanced cellular metrics > tap 5G.

You want to watch RSRQ, RSRP, and SINR. Also note the band you are attached to. The chart below is a helpful guide on what to look for. Plan on spending 30-45 minutes and be patient. Slightly rotate your gateway about 1/8th of a turn, measure and test, then repeat until you get the best metrics. You might also want to restart the gateway during the process so that it has a fresh connection. I also did a speed test simultaneously. the antennas are located on the four corners of the gateway. 

Let us know how it works. 



Thanks for the tips!! much appreciated! I haven’t tried moving the gateway to another location but have tried rotating it before with no luck.  They metrics used to be in the excellent range.  All the 5G stats are blank now.  LTE is on B71.  

This same thing happened (maybe coincidentally) when the gateway firmware updated from .16 to .18. 

Thanks again.  I will try and relocate the gateway this time and see if it makes any difference.


well, I tried moving the gateway throught the house, upstairs rooms, downstairs rooms, even went OUTSIDE with no luck. it will only grab on to the B71 band.  I am startig to think the firmware did something.  Back when i did have the gateway in other parts of the house, it would have a 4bar signal.  Now it is a 5bar signal…..sadly not a 5g signal now.  When on B66 and N71 the speeds were flying at 300+ down and 120+ up.

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As a last resort @rhsortho I would recommend that you take your gateway into your local T-Mobile store and ask for an exchange unit. If you previously received a n71 or n41 signal and no longer do, then you might be correct about the firmware. That said, I have found that the store staff have been helpful. Box it up and take it back asking for an exchange unit. Maybe they have the newer Sagemcom unit, which I have and works very well.

Let us know how it works out. 


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It could just be that your tower is being serviced...have you tried calling them?

I have the same problem.  “Something” happened to the device on December 1 where I lost all internet access for a few minutes, and my system no longer shows any 5G metrics (just a “-”), and only shows LTE / 4G connection.  I took the device into the local T-Mobile store and they changed the Sim card, but it make no difference.  My local area has the “ 5G Ultimate Capacity” coverage, and I have no issues with signal.

We have tried rebooting many times and adjusting the position of the unit.  It has the current firmware.

Any thoughts?