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  • 5 January 2023
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If you are looking to purchase this for gaming purposes I would look else where. This does not do what’s needed to game. I only play NBA 2K on Xbox however, this runs off of a Dynamic IP ( per the tech agent ) Static IP’s are needed to game smooth. I have used a Cat6 Cable and still have the same issues. I purchased it strictly for gaming and I am highly disappointed. However it does work for streaming Netflix, Hulu, etc very well. My experience though is disappointing unless they come up with a fix for this.

2 replies


Its not good because you are unable to port forward from the gateway interface.  You will have Nat type issues for online gaming.

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I had the service since December of last year and had no issues until recent weeks. They have stated they are aware of the problem and looking to figure out what’s going on, but otherwise it’s not helpful nor true to state that “all gaming is broken” as it’s not even now, and previously there were essentially no issues in that regard, even compared to a cable service. 

It’s also affecting things like Cisco VPN, so it’s not just that type of problem.