Can't Play Basic Online Games Because of Nat Type Issue

  • 1 September 2022
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Don't know much of anything about networking, just know I can't play super Smash Brothers and other games on my Nintendo switch! I have the newest T-Mobile home internet router, the black rectangular one. Streaming content works just fine, browsing the internet works just fine, but gaming of pretty much any kind seems to be impossible, and I always get an error message stating that my Nat Type is incorrect or something of that nature. What can I do to fix this? I can create a hotspot on my phone and play Nintendo switch online just fine, surely I can do it with their advanced router. 

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It is a problem with the T-Mobile gateway and their NAT implementation. If you want to see more on it just search for Nintendo in the TV & Home Internet community forum conversations and you will get lots of conversations where the details are stated. 

Actually start with this one: Nintendo Switch w/NOK 5G21 Gateway

You will have the low down you need. Maybe not what you want to hear but the scoop.