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  • 26 March 2023
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The t-mobile app says Error Code 500. Restart device. I restarted device, still have error code 500.


Best answer by copz1998 26 March 2023, 04:03

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6 replies

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A few brief posts make it look like the SIM card. Can you try to manually eject it and reinsert it? 

I hope this helps!

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Error code 500 indicates that the server encountered an unexpected error while trying to complete a task (in your case loading up the app). Copz1998’s suggestion is good for getting a fresh connection to the T-Mobile network and could resolve those kinds of connectivity hiccups. I am curious to know if you tried and what the result was. 

I would also make sure that your device and the T-Mobile app are both fully up to date. What phone are you using? Some phones allow for a few deeper troubleshooting options. 

If your phone is connected to a VPN, I would disconnect from that and try again. 

These are just a few suggestions. Keep us updated on if it is still not working and we can offer some more steps :) 

Thanks for the tip.  Re-inserting the sim card seems to have solved my problem.  I too was getting the error code 500 message when I was using the app to inspect devices.  I just re-inserted the sim card and re-started the gateway and all seems to be working well.  Thanks again!

I’m getting this too. I’ve removed and re-installed sim card but that did not solve the problem. I can see devices when router is first turned on, but no longer can later and get Error 500.  How can I get router firmware updated?  Current version is



I’ve had this thing for 30 minutes.  TV in the living room is streaming just fine.  Computer in the office is connected by ethernet cable, it seems to be working fine, but when I try to get the app to show “Your devices” i get error 500.  Unplugging the gateway to cause a restart solved nothing.  


Already disappointed that theres no Bridge mode, so this erorr 500 makes a full three strikes as far as I’m concenred.    

My device shows 148 connected devices.  Some wouldn’t disconnect.  Does this slows down the internet speed?