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  • 25 September 2023
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Let me begin by asking what would my bill be as of today and any other fees if I were to leave T-Mobile as of today.  I am going to tell you my nightmare that began with my current contract. The phones and contract the first time we came to you folks were very nice the price, service, and equipment. But now that I think about it was because I was with ATT at the time and they wanted me to switch carriers.


So when are contract came up I went to the chat and got information on your current plans. She explained what the plane included. And it was

The Magenta military plan

Two new iPhones

A third line for hot spot

Netflix so two people could watch

Included a part that allowed me to update our phones before our contract was done.

And the charge would be $90.00 per month

We would get 800.00 for each trade-in of our phones. I do not trade my phone because of a cracked screen,


I asked her if the store would honor her prices she said they would


Here is the nightmare

When we got to the store I was told the chat prices could not be honored as each store had their own pricing structure

We never got the 3rd line for the hot spot my

The first few bills were the 90.00 and have steadily worked their way up to $158.00

The rebate came at almost two hundred for my wife's phone. I did call and they said they would give us monthly credits did we get the credit? I can honestly say I don't know. So told my wife that I was getting tired of dealing with mobile and we would switch


A few weeks ago I set a chat with a female employee who seemed very honest, I called back to talk to her and was told that he had the notes and could help me.  If I stayed this is what he could do.


At no charge two watches. I told him my wife and I had Apple watches

So I told him we didn't need the watches


So he said let me do this I'll give you 7 in tablet I told him I have several Apple iPads and Mac books so I didn't need it. He said it's free you might as well take it. I finally agreed to take it. At no charge.


He said and then I can give you 3 Sync UP trackers at no charge


And lastly, he said I can give you a hotspot for your car at no charge

I was happy with that although the only thing I wanted was the hot spot and line I was promised the first time. What he didn't tell me was none of these were no charge. Even after I asked him 3 times was he sure he said they were?


Yesterday I was looking at your website, Xfinity site, it said I used up all my lines. So I called and was told three trackers were 3 added lines and it would be 10.00 per line and 6.18 a month for each one. So I told him I would like to return them. I already called because one of them didn't work he asked if I would return the tablet I said of course I did not want it to begin with. He asked if I would return the hot spot I said it depends I felt it should be no charge because it was promised to me two years ago. But he said if I kept it I would pay 28.00 dollars and change per month. So I told him I would send it all back.

It turned out that all the no-charge items would have future monthly charges according to my account would be 187.00 per month.  He gave me instructions on how to return the items.


All this time I wasted and your employee's time could have all been avoided if they had been honest and upfront with me. Six years ago I felt that T-Mobile would be my carrier for life.


Thank you for listening to my frustration


Roger R***********



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Hey there Roger. That is quite the ordeal and having a bill more than double what you were expecting is a lot. We appreciate you sharing your experience and, overall, I am glad that it seems like you were able to find someone to help you return all the stuff that you didn’t want in the first place. 

To answer your question about your bill or possible charges if you were to cancel right now you would want to get in contact with a customer support person that could access your account and get those details for you. I am not able to do that here on the Community, but many people here like to get help from the T-Force team by sending a direct message to T-Mobile on Facebook or X (formerly Twitter). That route will get you all the answers you need and resolutions to any other concerns you have on your account. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!