DNS issue on T-Mobile ISP

  • 5 August 2022
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I switched to T-Mobile ISP a week back and only reason for that was couple of pretty good offers. From the time I switched I honestly was regretting as I was facing DNS issues with a few websites and sometimes my work VPN too. It will not be able to reach a few websites for a few minutes and then it would just work like nothing happened. Initially I could not understand what can cause this but then it occurred to me that it must be DNS issue. To my horror, I realized that DNS (and in fact even many basic settings) can not be configured on this T-Mobile gateway. I was facing this issue on a macbook, everything else just worked fine so I then thought of seeing what my macbook was using. It showed local network configured as DNS server, I removed that and added cloudflare’s DNS That has fixed my problem.


In short: If you are facing trouble in reaching some websites periodically and this is happening only on a few devices then try switching DNS on your device to or some other open DNS servers.

1 reply

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Yes, I have been trying to work through my 403 error I tried and a couple others, I am using a router that allows me to customize my DNS, Right now I am using NextDNS. I am just not sure if I am using the DNS that I put in the setting or if the gateway is overrunning it.