Forgot password for home internet

  • 22 June 2021
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I forgot my password for my tmobile home internet.  I cannot find anywhere that I can reset.  Anyone know how I can do this?


5 replies

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On the backside of the 5g gateway, above the connections,there is a reset button hole.

I see the reset hole, then what am I suppose to do? Is there a tool that I need to insert that pushes a button?

I think they thought you wanted to reset the gateway, but you want to reset your password, right?  I am having the same problem, so I hope someone gives an answer. Otherwise I’ll be calling customer support soon. Both my husband’s and my phones suddenly no longer know the gateway password - I wonder why?

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By resetting your gateway, your defaulting it to factory settings. You can then set a new password.

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@DianaJ I’m not sure responders are reading that the problem is the app is not accepting the password. I too, wonder why this has suddenly happened to some of us. No one is offeriing a complete solution. To reset the gateway, I must use the app, and T-Mobile techs kept telling me to sign into the app before they can help! That’s the problem!!!