Gaming with T-mobile Internet Xbox series S/PC

  • 17 April 2023
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          Ever since I have used T-Mobile internet, my gaming has been mediocre at best as far as connection. My ping on Rocket league at times ranges from a standard 68-300+. I cannot even get into any games on Battlefield 2042, as it times out. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is frustrating because I can sometimes play (with terrible ping) but when I join a friend's party it kicks me out of the game. I even hosted the match and tried logging into a game, and we were both kicked. these are just a few of the issues I’ve noticed while gaming. there are times when the internet just goes out, I am on my second device. My connection to the network is great, but the internet connectivity drops more often than it should.

         Recently the tower near me was upgraded which helped for downloading, but competitive gaming is still a struggle? Is this something that will be fixed or will I need to switch over to a trusty Fiber connection. I like the price I am paying for T-Mobile, but at the end of the day, it’s more of a hassle. I’m basically paying for something that I can’t depend on. I have multiple games in my library that are now collecting dust because they barely function if they work at all when joining my friends online, thank you.



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Your comment is one of the most common on the Forum. The short answer is that T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI) gateways do NOT support NAT, therefore on-line games either don't work at all, or work very badly.

You might want to check out Nater Tater’s videos on YouTube about how to work around this, but it isn't for the faint-of-heart.

I'm not a gamer so it doesn't affect my subscription to TMHI, but virtually everyone who is a gamer who plays on-line with other players has complained. The reason is that TMHI is a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service which does not use local addressing for external IPs, and this is at the heart of the problem.

If this part of the service is critical to you, I am sorry to say that T-Mobile might be the wrong solution for you.

Good luck!


I don't use the xbox for gaming, but for Netflix YouTube eyltc. It's connecting to the gateway fine seemingly but none of the apps are working

It’s tough gaming on Home Internet basically my whole world is revolves around my job and gaming that requires high speed internet, most times I do both. During the day I’m averaging between 20mbps to 30mbps and at night I can hit near 70mbps to 100mbps but it’s very inconsistent. I just don’t like how I have to be on top of the internets spikes when it should always be stable. Hopefully soon they can come out with a router or system that can handle gaming and more heavier applications that require lower ping. However, it does great with streaming, browsing and remote work. 



Thanks for the reply, apologies for the late reply on my end :) . It is definitely not great for gaming, but it's hard to beat 25 bucks a Just hoping it gets updated at some point in the very near future to support the gamers, they would probably increase their customer base, especially with the inexpensive price point.