Gateway Periodically Restarts During the Day

  • 14 January 2023
  • 2 replies


First time user of almost a week. Thru the day my Gateway does a restart. Unfortunately there is no way I am aware of thus far to trend causes without constantly monitoring it to see if the power plug has an issue via the light. I don't believe it to be the issue. I am in a camper, but I don't think there are power fluctuations enough if any to cause a power fluctuation especially given nothing else appears affected such my TV ect.. No over heat issues as the trailer is below 70 and it's placed at a window showing 4 bars of service. So unless it's just the norm due to network reconnects I don't know what to think. Seen some people with similar issues, but doesn't seem like there is a resolution to date. If there is could someone advise what you did. 

2 replies

Been having it since December and it does that to me as well. I try and disconnect all devices hoping it will help but it still restarts on its own. Hopefully they fix it or someone on here knows how. 

Been happening since I got the gateway, over 2 years, support has been no help. I requested a replacement 3 weeks ago and no response.