Gateway stopped working after two months

  • 6 June 2022
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The Home Internet Gateway worked fine for a couple of months with upload speeds of ~300 Mbps and ~35 Mbps down even though it was showing just two bars. Then four weeks ago the connection started to drop intermittently, progressively getting worse until a couple weeks ago the internet connection dropped off so frequently that the TV became unwatchable and internet connection was sporadic that email servers started to disconnect.  I have called and spoken to their tech advisors countless number of times and hours to no avail. They even sent me a second Gateway unit which did not do any better. As I type this message on my iPad, I am using their ultra slow hot spot connection to my phone and  forced to go back to another internet provider.

Anyone have similar experience with the TMobile Gateway?  Is there a solution to my problem other than another internet provider?



2 replies

This issue happened with me, i have not gotten a new gateway, but they sent a new sim card for it to me, that made it even slower. 

I’ve had my gateway for about 3 months to the day when mine just dropped out, even though I have 4 bars and shows connected to the internet but can’t get any data. Went out 12/6/23. I have exchanged my gateway 4 times with new SIM cards each time. Spent over 5-6 hours on the phone and had to go to the store 5 times. Done every thing you can do troubleshooting. They opened up several tickets for technicians to check the towers and they have come back saying they are fine. I’m not far from the tower and I’m in the center of a strong 5G area. Even on my cell phone I have trouble even running data. I was using my wife’s hot spot on her phone which is Verizon 4G LTE and can run video without any issues. So I turned my 5G off and turned on 4G LTE only and haven’t had any issues since on my phone. Gateway still not working!! I think it’s safe to say that tmobiles 5G is total garbage, that or their technicians aren’t doing their jobs. My wife works from home and had to use her Verizon hot spot to work for the last 8 working days. Liked the $30 a month internet, but I talked to spectrum and got 500 megabytes per second for $29.99 a month for 2 years. Might have to figure out a way to get out of T-Mobile and go to Verizon. Only time will tell. Good luck anyone having issues like this.