Gateway stopped working after two months

  • 6 June 2022
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The Home Internet Gateway worked fine for a couple of months with upload speeds of ~300 Mbps and ~35 Mbps down even though it was showing just two bars. Then four weeks ago the connection started to drop intermittently, progressively getting worse until a couple weeks ago the internet connection dropped off so frequently that the TV became unwatchable and internet connection was sporadic that email servers started to disconnect.  I have called and spoken to their tech advisors countless number of times and hours to no avail. They even sent me a second Gateway unit which did not do any better. As I type this message on my iPad, I am using their ultra slow hot spot connection to my phone and  forced to go back to another internet provider.

Anyone have similar experience with the TMobile Gateway?  Is there a solution to my problem other than another internet provider?



1 reply

This issue happened with me, i have not gotten a new gateway, but they sent a new sim card for it to me, that made it even slower.