Getting a stronger WIFI signal

  • 21 August 2022
  • 1 reply


So I have recently purchased T-Mobile’s 5g WIFI, there is a signal, I checked to make sure it was going to work where I am. HOWEVER, I live in a metal trailer, which I realize is not the best situation, but it’s all I have right now. I have it placed by a window as is recommended, but I’m still getting weak/good signal. Is there anyway that I can boost it? I’ve tried every window that’s accessable and I’m not having any luck. Any advice will be welcomed! I don’t want to go back to Century Link and Xfinity is too expensive.

1 reply

My experience, except our tower just a few blocks away from our house. In fact, the tower is on a hill, and so is our house. The signal is OK, but it drops off a lot. I THINK restarting the Gateway gives us a better signal. Our watching TV recorded shows is usually from around 6 pm to around 9 pm (yeah, we're old people). I usually restart the Gateway 3 times during an evening because the device shuts down while we're watching it. I understand that this is prime watching recordings time for the TMobile internet servers but it is making me question my decision to drop Spectrum in favor of the wireless internet connection by the Gateway.