great connection. bad speeds

  • 18 September 2023
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I have perfect 5 bars connection but I'm getting about 3mbs download speed and upload about 15mbs. Why? Most of the metrics shows excellent except for signal interference which is at -10. Why so low speeds with perfect connection???

3 replies

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i’ll see about having your thread moved over to the home net forum. a lot easier to get assistance from others that are using the same thing and posting in the same areas.

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That will depend on a handful of things.

Is that for .. home internet (assumed by tag).

What bands are in use ?

Which metrics ?

Time of day ?

How far from the tower ?

Do you have a T-Mobile mobile device … and are its results similar ?

RSRP should be better (smaller numerically) than -100dBm, smaller numerically than -80dBm is ideal

SINR of 15 or higher is ideal (30 is as high as possible)

CQI or 10 or higher is great, 15 is max possible.

Band on LTE (2 or 66) and Band on 5G (41 or 71) - 41 being ideal.

If this is much different than your mobile (assuming you have one with T-Mobile) then there’s a good chance that you’re being ‘deprioritized’. I.E. Your priority is much less than everyone elses.

Also, if this is similar to your mobile (not likely), then the site itself has issues.

I.E.  A few years back, T-Mobile upgraded a site from 2G + 3G + 4G LTE B66 to have 2G +3G + 4G LTE B66 + B12 + B71 + 5G n71.  Speeds were ~0.3Mbps download 1.5Mbps to 3Mbps upload

The connection between the tower and T-Mobile was still on T-1 circuits. After an open CPUC complaint (8 months_ , and a posting the CPUC results on Neville’s Twitter feed, it was fixed in 1 month.


I have great connection but slow speed. Was much better better until a few days ago. What's the problem