Have to power reset too often

  • 15 June 2022
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I have a new gateway from tmobile and have been using it to access the internet for two weeks.

several times i was unable to get any response from the app when i launch it, also tried to look at the net signal strength from my browser using and most recently when streaming youtube tv it said that i cannot access my local channels.

Each time i have had a “glitch” i have to power off and on the gateway(router) box for things to function again..

since i have only had this for 2 weeks i am wondering if this is normal (hope not) for a cellular based internet device vs my old cable modem router method? 
I really wanted to “cut” the cord and am hoping tmobile is the way to go but having to power cycle nearly everyday is not what i want.  

3 replies


Hmm, I just finished reading the related topic -Home Internet Wi-Fi disconnecting

I believe it answers my suspicion that it is the tmobile network that is buggy.

i guess ill give it a go for awhile, i really don’t want to put Spectrum back in my life.

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If you are going to give it more time you should closely investigate how the unit works. It is not clear how much information you have. If you have a “glitch” what symptoms does that include? Do clients not have WIFI or is/are the cellular signal(s) down? Some people misinterpret what is actually taking place. I am assuming you are referring to the mobile application. I found the mobile app to be a bit flakey. I am sitting here typing this, I launch the mobile app on my iPhone and NADA it can’t figure it out. I find that to be a common issue with the mobile application. Some seem to like it but I am not sure how much value it adds. You can get the cellular metrics info from it if it works and post your signal characteristics. If you have 4-5 bars on the gateway and good proximity to a cellular tower then the “glitching” might be related to the tower. The actual cellular metrics help understand how strong and clean the cellular signals are. Using to locate the tower(s) with the PCI informations from the gateway will possibly help locate the gateway a little better. If there is excessive noise impacting the cellular signals that will lead to poor performance. The more information you share the better the responses will be from the community. 

It is necessary, of course, to get the gateway in the best location but also avoid the obstacles that impair the signals. The cellular solution demands more effort, and focus with respect to the environment than a cable solution. It becomes a balancing act to distribute WIFI and get the best cell signals. If you have questions or more information feel free to post. 


This has been a problem for me in the last month… support gave myself a new router and my neighbor down the street and yet join a game or anything that has to give and receive signal gets dropped.  I was gaming everyday just fine then all of a sudden boom disconnect. Kids can’t even play roblox on their tablets without being dropped every 5 min.