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  • 29 December 2021
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I got my 5G gateway in the mail. I set it up, everything looks good, but I can’t get internet connection. All my devices connected to the gateway are showing the same message “connected without internet”.


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13 replies

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Did you get an email two days before you got the gateway that says “Your account has been ACTIVATED.” I saw a video of a person setting this up and they got the same thing as you, looks like everything goes well, but no internet. It may be because, they slipped up and didn’t activate your account.

Call Customer Service at TMO and ask them to activate your T Mobile Home Internet account. They can tell if it has been activated or not. Then when it’s activated, it should work. Also, if you call Customer Service in the very early morning hours, you can always get straight through.

Before you do this though, you might first try restarting the gateway via the button on the side of it, because that might work also.


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Thank you for your answer.

No, I didn't get any email that says "account has been activated".

I did reset the gateway though. I did a factory reset a couple times and started the setup process from scratch but not luck. 

I guess they didn't activate my account... I will have to call them. Thank you again. 

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Ok... I got my problem solved after 9 hours waiting for customer service!!!!!!

They sent the gateway with the wrong SIM... They fixed it really fast, but the waiting time was ridiculous.

Anyway, now everything is working great. 

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Ok... I got my problem solve after 9 hours waiting for customer service!!!!!!

They send the gateway with the wrong SIM... They fixed it really fast, but the waiting time was ridiculous.

Anyway, now everything is working great. 

Good to hear you got it going! Thanks for telling us about the wrong SIM issue, as I’ve never heard of that happening. I’ll know to mention that to people now as a possibility along with not being activated, as to why it won’t connect.

Hopefully, now it will be smooth sailing from here on, as it usually is for I’d say, at least half of us luckier customers. The most unfortunate ones are in the maybe 10% of people who just are in a terrible location for this service to work well for them.

I try to be optimistic that the new year will bring technology breakthroughs that will make this service better and faster for all users, but I’m a little wary as the TMHI customer base grows from the present 500,000 of us 5G internet pioneers on TMHI in this first year, to over 7M users by 2025. It’s been great for me for six months now. 


Hey thx for these notes...I'm on my 2nd new gateway in 3 days, says connected but no internet. I did get an account is active email...and was on with support for over an hour before they shipped me another one ( that device was actually throwing some error codes too). I'll mention the sim card issue when I talk to them tonight. Wish me luck 🤞

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I wish you good luck... They fixed the sim problem, but they seem unable to fix the unreliable internet speed we suffer in my area. I can use home internet from the middle of the night until around 6pm. After 6pm the internet speed drop below 1 Mbps and make internet unusable.... Every single day since I got home internet has been the same. If they don't fix it soon I will return the router and go back to cable. 

Thx...ok so the sim did need to be activated on this 2nd gateway they sent. We finally got the internet to work..but it wouldn't stay on for long. Then it started throwing error codes again. So we're on standby until the internet pros at TMO come up with an answer. Thankfully I have not shut my Xfinity off, and won't until this becomes more reliable.

My T-Mobile Wi-Fi box says connect but no internet 

@EXCLSVxPlayZ I've been dealing with the same exact thing since I got my Gaitway. I'm calling them tomorrow to tell them to send me a new one. I can use my Hotspot from my phone and get service just fine so I know that my T-MOBILE service in my area is good. I'm not gonna pay for Wi-Fi if I have use my Hotspot though. 😔

I had to call and get to the 2nd level of support.  He “reconciled my account”.  After that, I was able to create a T-Mobile account/username and the internet started working.  I don’t know what that means, but it only took about 5 minutes.


How do I contact them

The support number I used is 1-800-937-8997.



I had no problems connecting for weeks after receiving my unit. Now I will get the connected but no internet message once or twice every couple of days.  I unplug the unit, replug it and the internet is back. Sometimes for days sometimes less than an hour.