How to know if my phone is band 71 --

  • 29 August 2022
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I live in a somewhat rural area, and access to internet is a challenge.  I’ve been using my T-Mobile Samsung S21+5G hotspot, both for internet and streaming. At times my speed is ‘workable’, other times it’s super slow or non-existant.  While streaming, I’ve found that restarting my phone sometimes helps with the buffering.  T-Mobile Internet has not yet made it to my address, although the neighbor on the corner has it (about ½ mile away).  So I was told I need to use band 71…. how do I know if my phone is capable of this?

4 replies

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The S21 has band 71. Do you live in a one or two story house? Is the reception better if you move higher?


Currently, I live in an RV while we complete the building of our house on the same property.  And yes, the reception is better at the top of the hill.  Our property lies at the base, and center, of surrounding hills.

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If there is a tower within range with a cell that covers the area with the n71 frequency you may be able to have the phone connect to the cell but you cannot really influence the lock on the signal much. The phone or hotspot will connect to the strongest cellular signal. 


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You could use an app, like CellMapper, to see what band your device is connected to.