HP Printer Issues with TMO Home Internet Service

  • 2 August 2022
  • 1 reply


My HP 5514 PhotoSmart printert is not working with my new TMO Gateway. It worked fine with the AT&T Pace router I had previous to TMO. My HP printer display says it actually is connected to the TMO network once I select the SSID and key in the password on the printer console. But when I view Windows 11 Printers/Devices, the printer shows up as offline. If I try to set up a new network printer, Windows 11 cannot find the printer. 

Any insight you can provide on this issue would be appreciated.  LD

1 reply


I was able to solve this issue by changing the IP address of the printer via the printer menu. On my HP printer menu, I selected the wireless icon, then internet settings, then IP setting, and there was able to change the IP address of the printer. After that, my printer became available to Windows 11. Apparently, the old IP address was still associated with the previous network router from AT&T.

I also noticed that after I did this, if I would have gone one setting further than the IP setting, there was an option to install the default printer network settings (vs the default printer settings). I suspect this would have accomplished the same thing. Anyway, all is well now with my printer.