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I’ve had T-Mobile home internet for 2 years now. It’s been very reliable for the most part. But over the last month, the internet has been trash. It’s constantly loading, stopping or freezing whatever I’m watching. Whether it’s my iPhone or my Vizio tv. This is becoming extremely frustrating. I’ve called T-Mobile techs for help. They’ve had me shut off the wifi. Restart the WiFi. They just sent me a new internet WiFi router and the problem is still happening. This is extremely frustrating. I don’t know what is going on with my internet. 

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Me too. Seriously considering broadband

I live 20 minutes from a Major City. I agree that the Internet has went downhill in the last month or so. Yesterday and today I can't even access my VPN account because the signal. I cut the cord to Spectrum and AT&T 5 years ago. I will give the engineers at T-Mobile until June 1st to figure something out or I'm going back to a hardliners connection.

Spoke with TMobile, they said it will all be cleared up by mid June... Will see then

I have been having trouble also, my phone will show sos no internet, ALOT, it just started doing this a month ago , what is going on

Same here.  @Uniqdrgnfly , thanks for the info.  Perhaps I will wait till mid June, but I have to get onto VPN daily.  Not sure if I can wait that long.

If you have multiple cell towers in your area, you can try moving it to other areas of the house and try to grab another one. Maybe a tower nearby is getting overwhelmed due to local demand.I have two near me and if one starts acting up I’ll move my trashcan to the other side of the house. If you really want to block the tower that’s acting up, cover a piece of cardboard with foil and set it up between the direction of the tower that’s acting up and the 5g device.

In my experience, for whatever reason, when my internet acts up it’s because my modem either catches N71 (sounding like the disease it is) or I get Band 66 for my 4g carrier signal.
I both of those cases, I have a fix, though it sounds weird, it’s the easiest I’ve found. I got a roll of 40mm / 0.6 inch gapped chicken wire off of amazon. Then you surround your modem with it.

LTE/5g signals operate at a ¼ wave length. B2 (which tends to be the best in this area) operates at 1850-1910 MHz (wavelength 1.55-1.57 in) and N41 runs around 2500-2700 MHz (1.1” to 1.2”). By having wire gaps bigger than these numbers but less than the 4 inches of N71 or lower frequencies, this will effectively disrupt those undesired bands.

Also wifi 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz both will propagate through those wires as well. (Again, I only do this when crappy towers start giving bad signals… you will see slight degradation of Wi-Fi if you use it in spotty locations, but I use a router separately so it doesn’t bother me one bit. 😆

Was an interesting hack that I found that I though I’d share.