Issue with online games not connecting on Home Internet

  • 24 January 2023
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Recently we have been having issues with online games not connecting. We have a 5G Gateway N1. We run into this problem with World of Tanks, War Thunder and various games accessed through Steam. I have another Tmobile modem/gateway, the LTE WiFi Gateway and we have no issues with that one. We are rural so our options are limited.

1 reply


I love playing WOT but it doesnt seem to be working. What is weird is World of Warships works fine. I have uninstalled WOT and reloaded it and the same problem with not being able to connect. I have uninstalled norton 360 and reinstalled and have the same problem. I have uninstalled Nvidia drivers and reinstalled and same problem. I have placed gamecenter and wot files under exclusions in WOT and still the same problem. If I use my sprint phone as a hotspot, the WOT game works. 
Something is wrong with tmobile gateway settings. It did work until recently when Tmobile had an update??

Come on guys something has to change.