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  • 11 May 2022
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I purchased home internet and was told my address would work. I explained that my phone gets no service at my home. I walk outside and it's fine, but in my apartment, nothing. I can only use wifi. They told me my phone was 4G only (it is), but the home internet is 5G and would work great. Took it home and installed (easy by the way) and only saw 2 bars in the device. Movies and TV buffered like crazy. Tried 5 different spots in the apartment. No change, 2 bars max. Took it work and tried since there is full bars on my phone. Still only 2 bars. Has anyone seen more than 2 bars? 

2 replies

I have had the same "2 bar" issue at my location and initially was still getting 50-60 Mbps download speeds, so i wasn't that concerned. After 4 months of being satisfied, the download & upload speeds fell off dramatically all of a sudden , yet the device had NOT been moved. I tried moving the device from room to room, floor to floor, and still only 2 bars! I was only focused on the bars and not the speed results associated with each location , until today that is. By moving the device into an upper room AND using the mobile app's location helper to decide which room was more in line with the signal direction near me, I was able to experience download speeds of  55-95 Mbps, with 2 bars! The mobile app now shows the device is actually emitting a 5G signal, which I had not seen before. Neither my phone or laptop are current enough to be 5G compatible , but I'm encourage to see the improvement.  Perhaps my experience can can provide some hope for your situation.

Good luck! 

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So they say your location should be good for 5G. Well, could be but what exposure do your windows have in relation to the tower location and signal? It may depend upon where your router/gateway can live and how well the 4G & 5G signals penetrate into the location. 

Which T-Mobile GW do you have? The Nokia or the Arcadyan? It matters as far as how to see what you need to see to really determine what is going on with the cellular signal.