My laptop stopped accessing the the 5g device - 2.4ghz issue

  • 10 January 2023
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This morning (sometime between 7 - 9 AM) after a year of using my T-Mobile 5g home service, my laptop stopped connecting to the internet. It still saw the TM 5g device, but when it connected, there was no internet. I have a wifi transmitter attached to the TM device and my laptop was seeing the internet thru that. My work laptop was connected to the TM 5g device and accessing the internet without a problem. I saw someone mentioning that 2.4 ghz devices might have trouble accessing the TM Device depending on how the network was set up. The network was already set up to accept both 5 & 2.4 ghz. But I added a second network to my device that was 2.4 ghz only and suddenly my laptop was accessing the internet again. The big difference between the 2 laptops attaching to the different networks is speed. The 2.4 ghz is showing 57.4 Mbps (not bad) and the 5.0 ghz network is showing an incredible 346.1 Mbps. 

So if you are suddenly not connecting to the internet, try setting up a 2.4 ghz only network from your TM device and see if that helps.

2 replies


From you last sentence, which is the key to your solution: how?

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You can have several Wi-Fi networks on the gateway.  You want to leave the default network alone (2.4 & 5 GHz; WPA2/WPA3 security) and add a second, dedicated 2.4 GHz network.  

Add the second network with the + sign at the bottom of the Network tab in the T-Mobile Internet app on your phone.  For this new network, set the band to 2.4 GHz and set the WPA version to WPA/WPA2.  Try connecting your device to this second network.  Use the default network for your other devices, as much as possible.  Note that WPA/WPA2 (on the second network) is less secure, so I recommend setting this network to be Hidden.

Here are the T-Mobile support instructions for how to add the second network with the app.

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Main instructions

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