Question about TMHI and xbox series x and PS5

  • 30 September 2023
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Not sure if anyone really knows a fix or what's going on I've read a lot of stuff about CGNAT and how Tmobile home internet doesn't let you port forward and so when you are out of your house that has the tmo router/modem you can't remote play with either PS5 or XBSX but I've read things that Tmobile is working on it? Is this true? I own a wifi 6e router but I put it in ap mode because I heard that Tmobile, the I think the sagecom fast it's the black one with the little screen, router doesn't like the router being in router modem but I was wondering if there was any way possible to play my PS5/series x, say when I go to my parents house. Is this still not a thing with tmo home internet. I was hoping by now it would be as I get good speeds at my house I just want to be able to access my PS5 from my parents house. Is there anyway I can get this to work without paying money for a VPN service?

1 reply

I just set this up last night.  Here’s what I did after struggling with it for a full day.

  1. My set up is a T-Mobile home internet device - a Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway and a Netgear Nighthawk RAX48 (AX5200) wifi router. 
  2. The Nighthawk is connected to the TMO device by Ethernet, with the cable coming from one of the yellow ethernet ports on the back into the WAN port on the Nighthawk.
  3. My PS5 is connected to the Nighthawk with Ethernet.  It is connected to a Sony Bravia 4K UR2 (X850G), which is also connected to the Nighthawk via Ethernet.
  4. I turned everything off, installed my TMO device, turned it on and waited for it to connect.  I double checked with all the devices that connect wirelessly first.  I had no issues.  The PS5 connected wirelessly to the TMO device no problem.
  5. I then disconnected from the TMO device and made sure I deleted the configuration for that connection from the PS5.
  6. I plugged the Ethernet cable from the WAN port of the Nighthawk to the TMO device and turned the Nighthawk on.  The TV and PS5 were already plugged into LAN ports on the Nighthawk.  I turned the Nighthawk back on.
  7. I made sure all of the previous connections on the PS5 were deleted/forgotten.  Then I created a new wired connection with a new random name.  It connected immediately and works well.
  8. I connected every device in the house that is wireless to the Nighthawk.  Everything is up and running.
  9. The only device I connect directly to the TMO device is my work laptop and Tomorrow before work I will change that.

Hope this is helpful.  Feel free to ask questions.