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  • 5 November 2023
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My Revvl 6 pros hotspot randomly turns off for no reason. I can't figure out how to fix it. I always have it set not to turn off automatically even when nothing is connected to it for an extended period of time and it still does it

11 replies

Same. And when I go into the Hotspot settings and change the timeout to “never,” it keeps reverting back to 10 minutes. UGH

I've called T-Mobile 611 Six times in three months over this same issue. For the 5 Hours I spent troubleshooting, I was credited $10 of the $21.99 it costs to manufacture warranty replace the phone. I just got the new phone. Guess what? It wont "Stick" the hotspot setting either. The better question is, does anyone who has done the updates had a Revvl 6, PRO, or 6x5G which has a solid mobile hotspot that doesn't turn off? On a side note, anyone onboard for a class-action about this stupid issue? Regardless of contracts, for a provider which gives loyal customers VERY limited options for upgrading their phones, a phone which cannot provide a simple functionality (likely intentional sabatoge) is unacceptable. If you think I'll sign up for the same service plus an extra 10GB of highspeed hotspot data and some Wifi whilst traveling on an airliner for DOUBLE the cost my Magenta plan, you've got another thing coming. Customer service is going to hell, prices are through the roof, but they give lots of rewards out to those who know how to utalize them. They punch us in the face, kick us below the belt, then hand us a piece of candy. Verizon is looking sweet. If I absolutely couldn't do without a new "on us" phone, I'd go with sprint. My mom has sprint and always has the latest phone. Heck, Boost is guaranteeing a new phone every two years. My Local T-Mobile subsidiary answers the phone with "Where we give you a free phone every year." Which is obviously bogus since all T-Mobile does is change the name of their plan every two years (all offers with "On Us" *with a qualifying plan*) and either Jack the cost up or lower it when they lose too many customers and give the "best wireless service" to another company that year. I think eventually society will associate that T-mobile ring with rubbish phones since only new signing up customers get anything decent. I gave up on T-Mobile back in 2017 when I saw Sprint giving away free Galaxy S phones and I still had my piece of junk On5 from two years ago paid off and ready to upgrade. This time, for $42.50/mo for one line, I think they finally have me since Mint Mobile wont give nearly the same Highspeed Hotspot Data and keeps messing with their "Unlimited" plan cost. T-Mobile can take this Revvl 6 and shove it. I'll use my Galaxy on5 for Hotspot and make the joke on them for all the Legacy Internet that phone will run in Hotspot data.

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are the phone by chance using anything like power saver mode?

Mine does the same. It’s intolerable. I just bought it today and I’m returning it tomorrow unless I can fix it. I have no power saver options on.


As VJDunn says it instantly reverts to turning itself off after inactivity; my option selection does not “stick.” In fact, once after telling it to “never” turn off after being inactive, it changed the selection from “after 60 minutes” to “after 10 minutes”. And then it was stuck on “after 10 minutes”! Until after playing around with it over and over, I finally got it to revert to “after 60 minutes.” 

And all that doesn’t matter because IT SHUTS ITSELF OFF EVEN WHEN IT’S ACTIVE. It shuts itself off even mid-stream. It’s not idle; it disconnects as it’s downloading a live stream.


I'm looking for an answer for the hotspot issue as well. Also, do any of you have trouble with this phone opening email attachments? 


I am having the same issue as well. I also can no longer download from the play store or make any purchases from games anymore. It says it isn't connected to Internet but it is. Really crappy phone and apparently the manager for our T-Mobile store likes to push it. I was desperate in the moment because my phone had just gotten stolen. I guess I got ripped of by the store too.

Well , it seems like it's not just me. Hahaha

  It seems to be two different issues, one being ( the timer ) and second other apps that have permissions to change network usage.

  I started having issues after the last phone update with the timer, it seems that they have accidentally scrambled the storage spot in the operating system core of a probably text file that holds the data. If any programming folks now how to find it and fix it please share.

  Second issue. Apps that randomly use the Internet will bump you off the hotspot. Power saving, Google assistant, Alexa and a billion others. Change or turn them off it helps , it's very time heavy and tedious doing it  but it helps. 


So I recently received the A14 update (which I didn't realize I had until I had an app tell me it was made for an older version of Android... Thought it was just a security update). So far, the issue with the option to disable hotspot when no activity seems to no longer revert back to 10 minutes. As for the issue with the hotspot shutting itself off, so far it looks like it's staying on so long as something is connected to it, but I've only tested it for about 30 minutes, so I'll have to do some more testing this weekend since I'm laid over until Monday. 

EDIT: Not even 10 minutes after I posted this, it shut itself off again, so nope, the Android 14 update did not fix it, unfortunately. 

Put me on this list.  I am having to use the hotspot for work with my home broadband network down.  This is ridiculous. 

I have the same issue.

Apologies in advance for necroing a relatively inactive post, but thought I would mention that I also am having the same issue with the hotspot randomly shutting off on my Revvl 6X Pro 5G. I have tried changing all the settings I could find as it relates to battery saving features to off but to no avail. Also, as VJDunn mentioned, the shut off after x minutes of activity reverts back to 10 minutes the second you back out of that screen. It's aggravating when you're playing an online game on Xbox and your connection drops. I'm an over the road truck driver so I tend to rely on using phone hotspot for my gaming when I don't have access to other Wi-Fi. I guess I'm the meantime until they push an update to fix the issue I'll just use my tablet's hotspot