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  • 23 February 2021
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I’ll be getting my T-Mobile Internet Gateway this week. I have a Swann security camera system that I want to install and view over the internet. Will the T-Mobile Gateway allow me to do this?

13 replies

I just received my gateway on Friday and was able to get my Ring security system and doorbell and cameras all online without any problem. I also have a very high tech monitoring and control system on my reef aquarium and that is online through the gateway as well. Smart TVs and dish box all work and stream Netflix and prime video with zero buffering. 

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Interesting question. If the Swann system acts like a local web server and needs open incoming IPv4 ports, it may not work. Some home security systems are designed to connect out to an intermediate gateway. These will probably work.

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For devices that use a cloud gateway or external server from your home network, those should work. Most mainstream devices like Ring, Smartthings, Nest, etc. use external gateways so you don’t have to worry about opening ports and port forwarding on your home network.

I am not familiar with Swann systems, but if you didn’t have to open ports on your router to get them working, you should be OK.
If you did have to open ports and use a DDNS service to update your home IP address, then it will be trickier to get you Swann camera system accessible from outside of your house since the Nokia Gateway does not have an IPV4 address available/exposed to the internet.

I was able to setup a free service at to allow access to my home network from outside of my house. Then I can access any device on my home network from my phone.

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I think the first question should be will your TMobile Home Internet work at all, never mind the cameras, but if it does … 

I think only you will be able to answer your own question. You also need to be specific about what TMobile gateway you are getting, some/most of the others have the older units, the New Unit is a Nokia Gray Tower Gateway. Understandably there are a lot of comments in here from those with older units if you are not specific.

I have 4 Ezviz C6Wn cameras that worked fine and one Honeywell Slim Door Bell Camera with the Nokia Gateway. When the TMobile Internet was working properly which was only for a few weeks, it that much.
However C6wn are not DVR based cameras and honestly think you will need to hear for someone with the same set up. You have no options what so ever to change in the Tmobile Nokia router, however you could always plug your own router into the TMobile.

Ultimately TMobile could not fix the Cell Tower issues near me and I had to go back to Spectrum Internet. 

Why doesn't my Gateway recognize my TXT 7901W camera?  It worked fine with Centurylink.

Camera is FDT 7901W.

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Why doesn't my Gateway recognize my TXT 7901W camera?  It worked fine with Centurylink.


Is your camera WiFi-6 capable?  Appears not.

This camera utilizes a Wired/Wifi 2.4G only connection (supports WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption).


So, you could dumb-down the gateway to accept a non-wifi6 connection by using one of the following:


  • Activating and renaming the SSID of one of the 2.4GHz channels so that it is not name shared (basically allowing non-WiFi6 access)
  • Lowering the 2.4GHz transmission mode to an older standard (example, ax/g to n/g)
  • Lowering the encryption (WPA) to an older standard (example, WPA3 to WPA2)

Question? Is the T-Mobile Gateway internet compatible with ADT wireless cameras, with the pulse package from ADT? If not then how can I get them to be compatible?

Question? Is the T-Mobile Gateway internet compatible with ADT wireless cameras, with the pulse package from ADT? If not then how can I get them to be compatible?

Did you ever figure anything out about this? I've had CPI for awhile and recently switched to T-Mobile internet and to connect the cameras you're supposed to use the routers WPS button but there's not one on the T-Mobile router so I'm wondering how I connect to the cameras. 

I have had T-Mobile home internet for about 6 months and it’s been hooked up to my Vivint alarm system with cameras and working fine until last Monday. Now I cannot see live view, only clips of video. Live view buffers on all my cameras. Three on site calls later. Looks like internet is issue. I get 600+ dl  speeds but for whatever reason panel is so at 9mb. Camera live view works on panel but not ap. Was there maybe a firmware update that was pushed out recently on the Nokia 5g21?

Hello, i have a Revo security camera system and have never been able to get it passed the T-Mobile internet. I have it wired to my router and have even gone direct to one of the ports on the back of the gateway and nothing. I had Xfinity/Comcast prior and did not have to do anything special like port forwarding to view my cameras from outside my home network. Any help/advice is appreciated. 

Unable to get any IP cameras to work with the newest gateway ARC KDV21.

The connection is reported as excellent but streaming video with audio buffers even traffic is fast.

Looks like I’ll be soon changing to a fiber ISP to get the service I was getting on Optimum cable.

T-Moble is a wireless system that just support full internet capabilities.


we recently transferred our Internet service to T-Mobile. We saved quite a bit of money doing this, and we have better service than we had with our other Internet carrier. We are super pleased with  T Mobile