Smart Plugs

  • 17 February 2022
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Any suggestions on what smart plugs will work well with the 5G network? All of my 2.4G’s stopped communicating with Alexa.

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I’m glad some people have had some luck.  I’ve been working for 2 days to get my Alexas and smart  plugs to connect, with about 50% success rate, but now none of the plugs will listen to Alexa, and they keep disconnecting from wifi.  I’ve moved the device around several times trying to get better reception, which is not the best no matter where it sits.  

I cry Uncle.  The device is going back to T-Mobile tomorrow.  I have other things to do.  

Cox is almost twice the money, but it’s twice the speed and at least it works the way it should.

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I’m not sure why they stopped working.  I have ~35 plug/switches they all work fine.  They can only work on the 2.5mhz. side of the T-Mobile router.  They will never work under 5 mhz.  They are designed for 2.5 Only.   Everyone has a different situation.  I will tell you that adding a router helps in most cases.

It took a while to get my “Can” perfect I would not trade it for anything. $50.00 is a winner.  

My speeds are excellent.