Streaming Problem May Be Your TV . . . .

  • 24 September 2023
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This post is just for information if anyone else starts having problem with streaming on their smart TV.  I have a Sony Bravia and occasionally have problems streaming, due to T-Mobile internet not connecting or due to my speeds being too low.  It only occasionally happens, but when it does, the apps will either say there is no internet connection, or will do nothing but buffer forever, or not start at all.  

Sometimes an app, such as Peacock, will not start period, when all others do.  That is a problem with the app, and I go to the settings on the Sony, go to the specific app, clear the cache, and then choose “open”.  Once or twice that did not work and I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it.  That made it work.

This weekend, I could not stream anywhere because all the apps either would not open, or a black screen would appear, or the app would open and then freeze.  It was very unlike when I have problems with T-Mobile internet.  Since I am on the east coast and we did have some very strong winds and heavy rain for a couple of days, I was thinking it might be the weather.  We had no outages, however, and when the weather cleared, the problem was still there.

I restarted the T-Mobile tower and my eero routers various times, but that did not work.  Finally, I unplugged the TV and then plugged it back in.  That instantly solved the problem!  Hence, don’t automatically think any and all streaming problems are caused by T-Mobile internet.  Try unplugging your TV if the problem isn’t like the usual internet connection problems.

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