T-Mobile account does not recognize phone number when linking phone number to account in setup

  • 6 December 2023
  • 2 replies


 The system recognizes my email address but then it take me to the page to link my phone number with my account and it doesn’t recognize my phone number!  Means I cannot access my account to do any management.  They have a bug in their system that is not recognizing phone numbers.  Not sure why tech support doesn’t have an option on their side to manually link the phone number to the account.  I have spent a lot of time talking to tech support but no solution.  This is a development issue and I believe that because I am a retired developer who proved support for several years.  There are a lot of customers reporting the same issue so not sure why they aren’t fixing it.

2 replies


Seeing the same - I believe it may be not allowing non T-mobile numbers, nor does it accept the Internet Line Number associated with the router.


My T-Mobile account used to work and recognized my phone number with no issues.  Here is some background on how it got messed up: I canceled my service and took my phone number over to a different carrier in late November and then just a few days later I figured out the new carrier was crap so I immediately ported my number back to T-Mobile and got my service set back up. I was only off of T-Mobile for approximately 10 days. T-Mobile got my service back up and running no problem but my account now does not recognize the phone number that it used to recognize for a couple years with no problem.  So frustrating!  Calling in to tech support has not resolved this issue and based off other posts that I’ve read, that sound similar to mine, I don’t know that going into the T-Mobile store to try and get it fixed will actually work.