T Mobile Home Internet connection drops

  • 29 September 2022
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I recently was having connection drops with Home Internet using the Nokia cylinder modem. I know it was the modem because my external router was not dropping signal. I had contacted customer service and they allowed me to swap it locally at a store for the Arcadyn modem. The connection drops occurred about every hour for approx 30 sec to one min of no WAN access. Prior to the switch I was getting about 360/70. I am now only getting 150-200/90. Although the upload is better, my download feels about halved and IT’S NOTICABLE. After the switch I’m STILL getting drop outs although less frequently (at the moment). I still believe it’s a tower issue because it goes from “excellent” 5 bar signal to 0 instantly and I can see it on the interface of the unit when it occurs. After calling the customer service and asking if I could go pick up the Nokia unit back from the store, I was told it was okay. So I drove out to the store and the rep said “there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s already been processed as a return”. Despite returning to the store about 1 hour after swapping and talking to the same rep. I told the rep that customer service gave me their “personal guarantee” that I would be able to swap back to the Nokia, the rep said “there’s nothing we can do”. I’m extremely frustrated because I think my connection drops were tower related and now I have a half power modem with 3 people who work at home and rely on a stable internet connection. We get drop outs during Zoom calls and I cannot stream on Twitch or do anything that I’m used to. This new unit that they’re pushing is garbage. Why can’t I login and edit thru the web interface like I could on Nokia? It’s because it’s terrible. I don’t feel like calling customer service again because they literally said they wouldn’t be able to ship me a Nokia one out, I’d have to try to find it locally. Apparently they’re phasing out the Nokia for this downgraded trash modem that cannot even process the full speeds from a tower that I can see from my window a few blocks away. I had 3 months of perfect service and now 5 very angry people who regret our decision to cancel our stable cable internet connection. Worst thing is I’ve called 6 stores and none of them have the Nokia in stock anymore.

7 replies

I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one with these hourly (or so) dropouts.  I’ve experienced it about a year ago but at the time thought it was related to my home wireless network.  Not any more and the return of the problem is in the last few weeks.  Is this related to the latest firmware update to 0324?

Same problem. The internet drops at least every hour. I was happy with T-mobile internet until three weeks ago when internet consistently started dropping service. I traded out modems but continue to have problems.

My wife was having a similar problem.  we use T-Mobile via an alternative provider. Galaxy 12 (Android).  She is in Ireland and has not been able to make a call for 7 days.  She can send and receive text and can accept calls from me.  I have had her try all of the Vudu suggested on the inner web to no avail.  Finally one of you helpful folks fixed it.  Yep, Airplane mode for a few minutes, turn it off and call.  She is ecstatic.  Thought I’d share the win.  Thank you 

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Just looking at that and they do state, “Service price guaranteed for up to 3 years.”. The FAQs also state “No annual contracts, extra fees, data overages or equipment charges.”

So, coverage may be the big obstacle. I am happy with my T-Mobile service as it rocks here. I checked just for grins and no Verizion coverage here. I sort of expected that. 

Best of luck, hope that works out.

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I have heard that their interface for management offers more options. I still guess there is a contract there and you might make sure of the data allowance. I have not checked but that would fit their MO.


I gave it a week. 100% going to Verizon. They also have a 5g home internet plan for same cost. You can actually tweak the router settings as well

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Statement: “I was getting about 360/70. I am now only getting 150-200/90.”

This suggest to me the Nokia was connecting to an n41 frequency and the Arcadyan may have only been connecting to an n71 frequency. The upload speeds are pretty impressive actually. The download speeds you report are consistent with n41 vs n71 and might be the reason for the difference.

If your location is where the gateway sees both n41 and n71 signals maybe it is flipping back and forth between the two cells causing the drop outs. Just speculation as without a record of the cellular metrics before and after a transition and reconnect it is not possible to know for sure. Getting cellular metrics and PCI information out of the Nokia is much easier than with the Arcadyan. You will need to use the mobile application to look closer at the Arcadyan gateway and have admin access currently. 

Try the link to get information from the Arcadyan gateway. This should help you see more about the Arcadyan with less effort. Check out Nater Tater’s YouTube videos. Post specific information about the cellular operation of the gateway, assuming it will provide you with the information. I believe the mobile application does help with that some. I have the Nokia gateway and not the Arcadyan so I am not an authority on the Arcadyan gateway.