T-Mobile Home Internet ... decent for casual use, not ready for 'prime time'

  • 19 August 2022
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This is my 2nd attempt at using T-Mobile Home Internet.  ~2 years ago, I tried the T-Mobile 4G LTE Home Internet, and .. it wasn’t bad.

4G LTE modem:

The good:  

  • Low cost ($50)
  • Decent performance
  • Battery backup
  • Had ~200Mbps on 4G LTE


  • Phone jack that didn’t connect to anything (would have been a seller for rural)
  • Roku - Hulu live wouldn’t work (issues with lack of GPS, and geotagging of modem)
  • No real diagnostics:


Move ahead to 2022… 5G Home Internet (Arcadyn )

The good:

  • USB powered - with external charge port (meh)
  • 5G n71/n41 connectivity
  • ‘capable’ of higher speed


  • 5G / 4G LTE don’t play well.  Speed is typically slower than older 4G LTE modem was, I suspect in part due to picking up ‘weak’ n71 or weaker ‘n41’  over LTE
  • Many disconnects with SSH/RDP/Cisco VPN
  • Buffering at times on YouTube/Hulu
  • Latency is all over the place -50ms to 400ms typical
  • No diagnostics beyond 4G LTE / 5G signal readout
  • Double NAT’d gateway (all RFC 1918 style network)
  • Using a cloud NAT GW for service ?  Kind of similar to a walled garden approach.

Most likely will return and keep Charter at least for another year.  200/20 on Charter ≈ $25/month more, but stable.  T-Mobile isn’t quite ready for serious use yet.  For casual (and less expensive) - I’d recommend it

2 replies

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That’s why I stayed with Cox cable. My wife works from home and needs a stable connection.

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I haven’t gotten rid of my Charter/Spectrum, and of course, speeds were just bumped from 200Mbps to 300Mbps (based package), which I’m sure will mean ‘rate increase’ soon enough.

I work from home, and T-Mobile ‘is ok’ where I am for most items, but reliability isn’t there yet, and neither is 5G (5G is deployed at sites ~1 mile away, giving weak n71 on this device),  closest site ~1200’ is still B2/B4/B12 LTE which works quite well, and my area isn’t oversubscribed.