Tethering Laptop to Phone, Hotspot

  • 19 August 2023
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I have a good T-Mobile data plan on my Samsung Galaxy phone. There are times when I want to tether my laptop to the phone. On my phone I get download speeds of about 35 Mbits/Sec. But when I use a cordless method to tether laptop to phone then (on the laptop) I get intolerable download speeds of about 0.29 Mbits/Sec. And if I use a USB-C cable then I get download speed of about 0.30 Mbits/Sec. Why is this so intolerably slow?
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Android 13
HP Laptop 17-cn2063cl, Ubuntu 22

1 reply

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Depending on plan dictates speed. Some plans only allow 3G speeds while some have 5G speeds up to an amount then slowed down to 3G speeds.