TM Home Internet down in Prescott Valley

  • 16 September 2022
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Our local 5G tower has been down since Sunday evening 9/11/22, when a severe thunderstorm passed through. Each time I call support, all they can tell me is that a crew is working on it. There doesn’t seem to be any way to predict how long the repair is going to take. We’ve now been without their Internet service for five days.

Since I’m new to TMHI (about 5-6 weeks), I’m wondering whether this is a frequent problem with their service?

So far I haven’t disconnected my other Internet provider, but was planning to do so at the end of September. I can’t afford to pay for two providers!

2 replies

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Who's your other provider? I have Cox in Chandler and my contract was expiring so I went to a store to see what the could do and the clerk said that if I signed a 2 year contract using their modem it was $64 a month.

I'd rather pay $64 for stable internet since my wife works from home.


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