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  • 27 March 2023
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Constant buffering this is really all we use it for. We have excellent service any way to improve this?  The first month we had this with TMobile light it worked great. Now we have unlimited and it’s terrible. 

2 replies

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@R Luce there have been several concerns about buffering. See the following thread: 

Basically, buffering is cased from a poor signal. Please check your setup and confirm that your gateway is placed in the best position to get the best signal from your cell tower. You can use your T-Mobile Internet app to confirm the best placement and then use the app to check your RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR (use the link at the bottom of the screen - MORE > Advanced cellular metrics > 5G. 

For example mine are:

RSRQ - 11

RSRP -77


After you doublecheck your gateway placement, check your metrics and post them here. By positioning your gateway in the best place in line with your cell tower, using the metrics as a guidepost, your signal should improve and buffering reduce. You can use the following tutorial video: 

I hope this helps!

T-Mobile is the worst internet I have ever used. 6:00pm I have 1.58 maps download, less than 10 maps upload. This I internet is so slow, it won't even buffer. It stops and gives me a message. My router is about 13 feet from a new LG TV. I can't even use a airtv 2 box. Cheap internet cheap cheap.