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  • 18 January 2023
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Anybody else out there suspecting that T-mobile home internet customers get cut off from the internet after using “too much data”. I had (still have) excellent 5 g signal, and have been using consistently about 850Gb a month and then suddenly internet disappears. 5G signal, 4 bars, no internet.

Customer service highest levels tech support reading to me garble coverage issues blah blah blah and saying can’t help.

I am assuming T-mobile is trying to passive aggressive for me to discontinue instead of cancelling non-profitable customers.

1 reply

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I don't think TMHI is cutting off customers after certain levels of usage. I am on the Internet all day with over 40 devices and have pretty high usage and I've never once seen a situation where T-Mobile is limiting my data.

More likely is that the tower you're connected to is congested or having technical problems. Once you're connected with your gateway, there isn't much that Tech Support can do other than get you to relocate your gateway to a different position.

I'm certainly not qualified to answer why you get these dropouts, but in my opinion and experience with TMHI, they are not deliberately throttling users. I stream video on two TVs, keep 3 computers running 24/7 and lots of smart plugs, switches and security devices. In the two months I've used the service, I haven't seen any deliberate slowdowns or discontinuance of service.