• 30 June 2021
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can you disable the SIP / ALG on the NOK5G21 WIFI router , having problems using Magicjack viop

7 replies

Use your own router plugged in to the Tmobile Nokia Modem.  


I have MagicJack and it works just fine for me this way without any fancy changes having to be made to anything.  




Same issue here , plugged into external router with no SIP ALG setting to disable, no outgoing audio.

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The Nokia gateway does not have any SIP/ALG functionality. 


NOK5G21 WIFI router -  I cannot recommend adding your own router as I am still working on getting my new ASUS router to work w/MagicJack.

MagicJack/VoIP issues  

  1. Test Your Network Connection (This is my issue at 35+ pings- Errors can be caused by low internet speeds or unstable network connections. We recommend using a broadband-equivalent (or better) connection with a minimum download speed of 5mbps and minimum upload speed of 3mbps. The quality of the magicJack service will be affected by the Latency/Ping, Download Speed, Upload Speed and Packet Loss of the Internet connection.

The requirements for magicJack are:

  •   Latency/Ping should be less than 25ms
  •   Download speed should be greater than 5mbps
  •   Upload speed should be greater than 3mpbs
  •   Packet Loss should be 0%

You may use to get the Latency/Ping, Download speed and Upload speed. Use to get the Packet Loss. Click on the green “Start Test” button” and then check the “total packet loss” percentage.

If your internet speed failed to meet the requirements, we recommend you to contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance in fixing the connection issues. My Case:  To date TMobile has not been able to redcue my Latency/Pings. 

Port Forwarding settings -  Currently not an option until you have your own router
-Opening ports 5060 through 5070 on your router/modem
-Lowering the internal firewall on your router/modem


SIP ALG - Disable 

Please check with your internet service provider/router manufacturer to see if there is a setting on it called "SIP ALG". This setting could be interfering with your magicJack service (though it is intended to be helpful) and can cause issues such as dropped calls, static, echo, one-way audio (the other caller can't hear you but you can hear them and vice versa), etc. If it is there, please check to see if it can be disabled.

This could be the death of MagicJack. Currently I’m looking for either a ner ISP provider or another type of MagicJack solution.  My current work around it to forward the calls to my TMobile cell phone and link my phone to the house phone. 


Good Luck!


Hello all.  I finally fixed the issue here by using a VPN service (PureVPN) and a DD-wrt Router for the Magic Jack (A GL-iNet “Mango”, $30, Amazon).  After getting the VPN signed up, look in the vpn’s manual configuration tab, choose your desired server, download a config file PureVPN generates, and then that gets put in the Router along with your vpn credentials.  Once setup, your Magic Jack uses the VPN to bypass any restriction T-Mobile may have (Intentional or not) and your device appears to originate at the Server location you selected.  The server I selected was New York since they support the Wire Guard protocol… its faster and secure.  You can also select OpenVPN Protocol but its slower.  Either works for Magic Jack though.  I can stream through it as well though I don’t normally.  

BTW, MJ works flawlessly through Star Link.  fwiw


My Tmo device is the silver “trash can”.


Hope this helps,


Frustration.  I just wasted 30 minutes with TMobile Home Internet Support.  Friendly guy, but really didn’t have a solution either.



Let me get this straight.

  1. Sign up with
  2. Order
  3. do some configuration and it works?




Once you are signed up on PureVPN they will give you a user ID and password.  This is different from your account password and ID.  Login to their site, then on the left find Subscriptions.  Once there scroll to the bottom and find your VPN username and VPN password.  Make a note of these.


After that go to Manage Configuration, also on the left.  Once there chose a server you plan to add to your Mango router.  You need to find one that is Quantum Resistant I think.  I use the New York server which works fine, as does Seattle.  You will find a Download button next to the server, press that.  For protocol select WireGuard.  Enter your VPN username and select DD-WRT for the device.  Then Generate the Configuration.  This creates a file that will be copied into your Mango router.  After having said all that, this config must be active within 30 minutes, so do all this once your Mango is up.  (They used to give you 5, wow)


 Let's look at the Mango now.


The Mango is an open source router, thus the DD-WRT device type config you generated.  Assuming you have the Mango running as a sub router off your T-Mo, I think the Mango calls it a able setup, (not a repeater, tether or 3g4g modem) and is on the internet, log into it.  On the left look for VPN, pull it down and find WireGuard CLIENT (not server) and click on it.  On that page press the Management tab, and Add New Profile.  Leave provider as azirevpn, enter your VPN User name and password.  Press Configuration, then cut/paste the text of the config file into the text field.  At this point click Next.  It will want you to name the profile... anything you want.  You will now have a shiny new VPN client to carry your Magic Jack past T-Mo, but first click on it under the Management tab.  A bunch of settings will appear.  Go down to Keep Alive and change it to say 1200, up from 21.  You will see a Connect button, press that and it should give you an ip address, etc after a few seconds.  You should be in business.  Connect your MJ to the Mango, phones to the MJ and you should have dial tone.


Quick and easy, right?  Lol


Warning, I have to go through this every week or 2, which is why I had you raise the Keep Alive to 1200,  something I'm trying here.  this works but copper from Ma Bell is still pretty reliable <grin>


I have an option to open ports on my PureVPN account but I haven't used that for magic jack.


I hope this helps

God Bless,