Using the Nokia 5G21 Gateway with Deco AX3000

  • 1 September 2022
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Using the Nokia 5G21 Gateway with Deco AX3000 should I run it though my whole house ethernet? If I use it wirelessly should I make the network the same network assigned to my T-Mobile router with the same password? If not should I turn off the wireless signal from the modem and if so how would I do so?




1 reply

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I will try to help you


To start  read this


I  don’t know alot about your TP-Link AX3000. Doing a google search I see they have a couple different ones. But basically you plug a network cable RJ-45 into the gateway from the AX3000 router. If your house has network wires running that is a big plus for you, if not the AX3000 is a mesh system and it will use wireless backhaul. Penning on what you have is how you will hook it up. 


Yes, it’s best to  turn off the WiFi on the gateway, when I did it my gateway now it  runs about 20degs cooler. You can do that from the web page, go to Wi-Fi network and log in there  you will need to turn off the SSID and Broadcast and drop the Transmission Power down to 12, you will  need to make sure all 12 are turn off 4 in 2.4Ghz and 8 in 5Ghz. To give yourself a back door add a 1 to the SSID on the gateway 2.4Ghz WiFi, once you have your new router up and running you can turn off the last WiFi on the gateway.


You need to leave SSID 1 on for the  backdoor to work.


Now on the AX3000 use your old SSID and password.


Hope this helps