VMware horizon client not working with T-Mobile

  • 16 February 2023
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I use VMware Horizon Client to work. In month this has been on and off working/not working. I spoke to someone this morning at T-Mobile and they could only confirm an older resolved issue from Nov/Dec. The closed ticket is Trouble Ticket # 67531560.

It was a problem that started for me a few weeks ago and then was resolved for a few days and now is back. Anyone else having this issue and able to tell me what helps (in layman terms as I am not an IT person).


Otherwise we just have to switch carriers.


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1 reply

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Is the issue that you just can't connect to VMWare with their client, or over the Internet using a browser? Unless they're using NAT for their client, there really shouldn't be a problem as this is pretty straight-forward. Unfortunately, the T-Mobile Gateways can't to NAT and so those connections get dropped.