Issue Upgrading Phone on Website

  • 6 April 2024
  • 1 reply


I tried upgrading my Samsung S22 Ultra last weekend and ran into an error page. 

“We’re here to help.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We were unable to process your application.  In order to complete this process, please reach out to a T-Mobile Expert and we’ll help resolve the issue.”

Called customer service, which was no help whatsoever.  They told me to ‘refresh my page and be patient’, and that it was an issue on my end. 

Meanwhile, the charge of $600+ was pending on my credit card.  Credit card company wouldn’t do anything about the pending charge, and told me to contact T-Mobile.  Vicious circle.  Four days later, the charge disappeared from our credit card.  Thank goodness.

So today, we decided to try this again.  Ran into the same issue.  All info is correct.  Not sure why this keeps happening.  Still shows the phone in our cart, but we have the pending charge again.  We have also ran into issues paying bill on weekends.  Is there a problem with their website on the weekends only??   I am certainly not calling customer service - no help whatsoever.  And our local stores aren’t much better.   Just wanted to vent.  Almost ready to go to another carrier. 


1 reply

Same issue here. Took my $100, confirmation of e-signature received. No clue what is going on.