T-Mobile Trade-In Gone Wrong

  • 8 December 2023
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So I’m still dealing with a trade-in issue from just over a year ago. I mailed my device in, pictures and video of me packing the box, the box taped, with their prepaid label, the tracking number they provided showing it was delivered to the facility, etc. Why go through the extra hassle of photo/video, you may ask, because this happened once before with AT&T by mail trade-in. 

Well, you can guess what happened. T-mobile claims they see that it was received by their facility but not one person can tell me what was in the package. They claim they cannot find the device in their facility. So I ask, then what notes are made regarding the the receipt of the box and its contents. No notes, no nothing. As far as I can tell, they lost it. USPS says it was delivered and received by them, yet T-Mobile customer service just keeps filing claims to say they’ll look for it. 6-8 weeks later, the claim is closed, no notes or updates regarding it, and never once do they follow up. I have to call them, and each time they say they’ll need to log another claim and I’ll need to wait another 6-8 weeks.

I’m so frustrated I’m ready to cancel their service just like I did AT&T. I want to do more. Any one have suggestions?

3 replies

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sadly this is something you see on brought up on all the carriers forums. not a one of them can figure out a worthwhile system to make this less of a nightmare.


This happened to me with a Watch trade in, but after discussing with TMobile support they marked it as “manually received” and confirmed it was done. Keep trying perhaps?

Tengo el mismo problema. Realicé 3 intercambios al mismo tiempo, pero solo confirmé 2 y el último aún se confunde con otros dispositivos, así que llamé al servicio de atención al cliente para solucionarlo y ahora eliminaron la promoción porque el teléfono tenía la pantalla dañada y Necesito presentar un reclamo a ups pero me dijeron eso y no me muestran ninguna foto del daño del teléfono, no hay foto del IMEI para confirmar que es mi teléfono porque tengo la caja original, no hay ninguna foto porque no tienen acceso al sistema. cómo puedo hacer cualquier reclamo a ups sin prueba de daño. Tengo 2 meses con este problema y creo que perdieron mi teléfono y no quieren confirmar sus propios errores. Pienso presentar una demanda a T-Mobile por publicidad falsa, mala política de intercambio, por robo porque le dije a la persona de servicio al cliente que si T-Mobile no quería confirmar la promoción, devolvería mi teléfono anterior y me dijeron que no porque el teléfono En su almacén no hay devolución porque se usa para piezas.

Así que no sé quién está a cargo del almacén, pero tengo muchos problemas en esa área y tal vez por eso T-Mobile sea una mala empresa para realizar intercambios.