AAA Promo Code NOT Working

  • 7 April 2023
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I follow the instructions and landed on the AAA Registration page, I entered the code provided and the message was “We were unable to locate the promotional code XXXX-XXXX, What next? I can't seem to locate a way to ask customer service VIA chat.

7 replies

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Have you tried adding on AAA through your Mytmobile account as a line add on? I see it there but personally I used to pay for it but got rid of it and even for free I'm not interested.


Yes I did, try through mobile app also tried on the PC also transferred to AAA spoke the rep and he tried to send me a link the link didn’t work!  It seems to me that the offer has issues that no one knows how to address! I might not use it but it does carry some other perks and hey you never know! 

I’m having the same issues. I get stuck here- it’s says “Let’s review your payment” and no further. AAA was no help either 



I suggest you call their customer service number 570-348-2511 and let them know what’s going on, I ended up paying the $71.00 fee and they’re going to credit my account! That was the only way it worked and T-Mobile is aware of the issue and they said if it doesn’t get credited back they would give me a credit for the charge! Good luck and let me know how it worked out for you! 


The other customer service number I have for them is 866-219-3251 so you might reach Bill at that number, he wasn’t able to get it going for me but you might try because he is there tech support the other number is there back end billing department! Good luck

I haven’t been able either. I personally think it’s bait and switch and I smell a future class action lawsuit 


I finally did receive the promotion for AAA for a year, but I had to jump through a few hoops to get it, First I called the general number and they tried to help but weren't successful, then I called my local AAA office and they advised me to proceed with registration and then PAY for the basic membership at the end and then when I received the confirmation the lady I was talking to processed a refund and that was it. the refund did NOT cancel the membership. All this shouldn't be but thats what I did to get it to work! Good Luck